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Welcome to Immortal Retribution, a new timelocked progression guild on the Test Server, currently in the classic expansion only. Our main focus is to provide a atmosphere in which those that were unable to kill or complete things the way they were intended, such as epics, or raid mobs like Trakanon are given the chance to do so again. We also will be a raiding guild, but not mandatory, the days/hours etc will be decided once raids are able to be discussed further with numbers/levels. IR is a casual, family-type of guild, more of the help each other out, always groups going on, raids not mandatory type of guild. Our ruleset is located on the left of your browser, and are subject to change/added upon.

Any questions can be directed towards myself on Fatalwan, Pickleweed or Sevarasi.

IR is currently recruiting those between the levels of 1 and 50.

Guild News

IR has gone planar

Fatalwan, Jan 27, 13 9:15 PM.

Less than 3 weeks into the birth of Immortal Retribution, and we have now gone planar, with hate being our first stop.  After 3 hours, and ZERO deaths (even with just 1 cleric bot and a druid bot healing), IR walks away with some nice loot from Innoruuks' Plane Of Hate, we are well on our way towards gearing up for the release of Kunark! It's not too late to still join before the fun really starts to heat up and things start getting interesting! We are also now recruiting all levels 1-50, you can either send myself, pickleweed, or our recruiting officer Crenshin a tell for more information or an invite if you're ready to join the ranks! Look forward to seeing more join us for our conquest of Norrath!


Plowing through Classic!

Fatalwan, Jan 15, 13 7:24 AM.
From Fippy Darkpaw, to the Ghoul Lord of Lower Guk himself, Immortal Retribution is sweeping the nation and bulldozing anything in it's path! We can also congratulate our first LEVEL 50, Tajah, congratulations on all the levels Tajah, now get some sleep and gear! Immortal Retribution has also now bumped up our max level for recruiting to 40, so anyone 1-40 may now join the ranks and enjoy all the classic adventures to be had, this level will be bumped over periodically as more of our members level up to 50! More importantly, give us a couple more weeks, and Lord Nagafen should be getting a rude awakening.

Progression Timeline!

Fatalwan, Jan 9, 13 4:34 AM.
Hail there, fellow classic-type lovers, are you tired of hearing progression guilds starting up and are past PoTime within 3 months? Are you tired of wanting that classic server at least for a few months, a reasonable amount of time before you have to move on to the next expansion? I guarantee you, you're not alone, nor are you different for wanting such! I would like to do what many others have attempted, in starting a progression guild, but I really don't wish to be in PoTime by April Fools Day.

My idea is to have a time-lock before the guild takes a vote, and a discussion amongst the officers whether or not to unlock the next expansion, whether or not the guild is ready, or if more farming is necessary or wanted. What I propose is the time-line to look similar to this,

Classic: 2 months
Kunark: 2 months+
Velious: 3 months
Luclin: 3 months
PoP/LoY/LDoN: 4 months
GoD: 3 months
OoW: 4 months

and so on and so forth, once it got to that point it would be easier to see how long it will take barring how our numbers look at the time, etc. I feel this timeline will really satisfy everyone from classic lovers to those wanting to experience everquest "how it was meant to be played" and progress through at a normal rate and be able to hit those raid zones/mobs they might not have hit in PoP/GoD/OoW, etc. At this rate, the earliest we would even be able to zone into the planes is mid/late November!
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